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Specialisation Labs 

At the Cortex Hub, we aim to create experts in the various fields our entrepreneurs and start-ups operate in. We believe that being an expert is achievable through specialisation in a particular technology sub sector. It is for this reason why after our incubation foundational training, we make our entrepreneurs pick an area of technical specialisation based on their interests and what their start-up does.

Specialisation Labs at The Cortex Hub

At The Cortex Hub, we're committed to cultivating expertise in diverse technology sectors. Our specialization labs offer tailored training following foundational incubation, guiding entrepreneurs to become specialists in their chosen field. Our labs include:

Optic Fibre Lab

This lab focuses on foundational and advanced fiber optics training. Entrepreneurs receive hands-on experience and certifications like CFOT, FOS/D, and CPCT, equipping them with the skills to design and manage fiber optic networks. The lab also offers advanced certifications, preparing technicians for industry-specific challenges.

Bare Metal as a Service Lab

Dedicated to exploring the potentials of data center automation. Entrepreneurs learn about managing physical servers in a dedicated environment, understanding the nuances of non-virtualized resources. The lab provides practical experience with server cabinets and real-world applications of bare-metal services.

Automotive Ethernet Lab

Situated near automotive manufacturing hubs, this lab offers specialized training in automotive networking, focusing on 5G connectivity and the future of connected vehicles. It prepares entrepreneurs for a rapidly evolving market where electronics and software are becoming increasingly significant in the automotive industry.

Electronics & Hardware Lab

Designed for innovators in IoT and home automation. This lab provides resources like Bread Boards, Arduino Boards, and Sensors for building IoT solutions. Entrepreneurs can experiment with various home automation systems, learning to integrate complex controls and security features through a centralized hub.

Robotics & Coding Lab

Tailored for young innovators, this lab introduces basic principles of coding and robotics. It features tools like Make-wonder Dash Robotics and Tanks Coding kits, providing an engaging and interactive learning experience for beginners in AI and coding, without the need for advanced technology.

Arm Ecosystem Lab

A collaboration with Arm, focusing on leveraging Arm’s architecture in the automotive and IoT sectors. This lab provides a platform for demonstrating Arm’s capabilities and supports projects that are pioneering in the African context, particularly in automotive and IoT applications.

EC Film Hub

Launched in partnership with the National Film and Video Foundation, this hub focuses on post-production in film and media. It offers a space for local filmmakers to produce and edit high-end feature films, thereby boosting the Eastern Cape's presence in the film industry.

E-sports & Gaming Club

Recognizing the growing global e-sports industry, this club aims to connect local gamers to international competitions. It also serves as a creative space for 3D animators and software developers to create African-inspired games, leveraging skills learned in the labs.

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