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Charting Our Course: The Cortex Hub's Strategy for the Next Decade

By Anda Ngcaba, Board Member of The Cortex Hub

As we mark a decade of innovation and impact, it's crucial to reflect on the journey of The Cortex Hub and envision our future trajectory. Established in 2013, our hub has evolved into a distinguished ICT incubator and accelerator, initially positioned at the Industrial Development Zone and later relocated to central East London in 2018 for better accessibility.

Our core mission remains steadfast: to cultivate global technology leaders through groundbreaking research and incubation. We focus on activating, nurturing, and supporting technology innovation with a particular emphasis on creating global ICT players and developing young entrepreneurs.

Facing the dynamic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted to new technological realms, exposing the youth of the Eastern Cape to unprecedented opportunities. Our commitment to research, especially in geospatial usage for environmental monitoring, aligns with our ethos of Design Thinking, ensuring solutions are user-centric.

Our approach encompasses comprehensive training programs, extending beyond mere incubation and acceleration. We aim to instill foundational principles and specialized knowledge tailored to each startup's technological subsector. This deep-seated commitment to social impact drives our vision to cultivate a vibrant technology ecosystem in the Eastern Cape, capable of global outreach.

Reflecting on our past achievements, we are excited to steer The Cortex Hub into the next decade, focusing on technological development within the Eastern Cape and beyond. As a non-profit entity, our strategic direction is clear: to make the Eastern Cape a hub of technological excellence and innovation in Africa.

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